You’re bigger than that block they try to keep on you.You’re smarter than that curriculum they try to teach you.You’re better than that label what they have put on your life.Where you’re from,Cannot stop you from where you want to go,unless you give it permission to.

The only person who has the power to put boundaries on your dream is you.So stop letting the system or whatever it is,LIMIT your imagination.The only Impossibilities that truly Exist,Are the one that you create.Impossibilities cannot survive unless you give them life.

If they didn’t give you an Opportunity then create your own.If nobody wants to give you stage to your Dreams,then built a stage yourself.It’s not about perfect it’s about Effort and when you bring that Effort Every single day,That’s where transformation happens.That’s how change occurs.

You can accept the life this world gives you or you can take the life you can change the world or you can let the world change you.That choice is yours and it always start with you.

Nothing is wrong with starting from where you’re but your Finish line should never be in your area got all that you need.So,use what you’ve been Given.

Let’s create that big mindset,let make big things happen,let’s make big Dreams come true.

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Thank you!!



  1. “The most profound change we can make in our lives
    is through the gifts and talents God endowed us with
    and the skills He bestowed within us to attain our goals
    both in our personal and professional lives.”

    By:Van Prince

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    1. Thank you for commenting…
      Sorry…Due to some circumstance I had to😊😁
      But I’ll be coming with INTRESTING contents (انشاء الله soon!!)😊😍❤
      So stay tuned..😊🤩😃


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